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FSG partners with international organizations, foundations, corporations, and governments to improve the long-term sustainability of the world’s natural resources. We do this by helping develop strategy, conducting evaluations, and fostering cross-sector collaboration.

Environment Projects


  • Climate change: Developing programmatic strategies to address climate change using philanthropic capital, investments, and advocacy tools.
  • Sustainable agriculture: Identifying solutions to sustainable farming practices across a variety of crops, with a particular focus on smallholder farmers.
  • Seafood sustainability: Helping international NGOs and corporations increase the sustainability of marine fisheries and aquaculture producers through work with industry, the supply chain, and policymakers.
  • Energy efficiency and retrofitting: Developing innovative financing systems to spur the expansion of energy retrofits across municipal, commercial, and residential sectors.
  • Green water infrastructure: Developing strategies to unleash the potential of green water infrastructure as a tool for water management, pollution control, cost savings, and the promotion of community vitality.
  • Transportation and land use: Identifying strategies to support resource-efficient, affordable, and inclusive transportation design and land use.
  • Sustainable food systems: Supporting the development of local, sustainable agriculture and the distribution system necessary to deliver fresh produce to urban communities.
  • Access to energy: Identifying strategies that help enable sustainable access to clean cooking fuels and electricity.

FSG brought new insights, ideas, and dimensions to our strategic planning efforts. They helped us challenge ourselves in terms of the impact and outcomes we seek to have in the world, as well as the organizational learning and tools that will enhance our effectiveness.
Kathleen Rest, Executive Director, Union of Concerned Scientists

How We Work

  • Strategy development: We help clients focus their activities, identify effective approaches, set goals, and align operations to maximize long-term environmental benefit. 
  • Strategic evaluation: We review programs and develop strategic learning and evaluation systems to generate timely, informative, and cost-effective insights.
  • Collective impact: FSG helps build cross-sector collaborations and shared measurement systems that unite funders, nonprofits, governments, and corporations to achieve large-scale impact and to solve social problems in powerful new ways.
  • Organizational alignment: FSG helps clients align their organizations and operations in support of their strategies to ensure that good intentions deliver real social impact.

Research and Tools