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Where Food and Funders Meet

Imagine you are sitting down to enjoy a delicious meal at your favorite restaurant. Have you ever wondered how many workers helped get that meal to your plate? Think about the farmers who grew the food, the pickers and processors who harvested and packaged the food, distributors who transported... Read more

The Challenges of Achieving Greater Transparency

Janet Voûte, vice president and global head of public affairs at Nestlé, writes about meeting the A+ requirements of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) for Nestlé's annual report on Creating Shared Value. Please refer to her full post... Read more

FSG Apr 18, 2012

The 20/80 Rule

Aren’t you tired of hearing these point blank statements demonizing one company and praising another for their social responsibility or lack thereof? Go to any conference on the subject and you are bound to get such a salvo. We do love simplification, and isn’t easier to get a point across to... Read more