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Collective Impact

Video: Equity Matters in Collective Impact


At the 2015 Collective Impact Convening in New Orleans, Angela Glover Blackwell of PolicyLink presented the keynote address, Equity Matters in Collective Impact, that focused on the necessity to include an equity lens within collective impact work, regardless of the social issue... Read more

FSG Jun 16, 2015

At the Speed of Trust–Part 1 

We hear a lot about the five conditions of collective impact; however, the more I’m exposed to collective impact work the more I realize it’s as much about the intangible elements as it is about process, rigor, and outcomes. The beauty of collective impact is watching a diverse set of... Read more

Collective Impact, Privilege, and Empathy

Collective impact is a promising approach for addressing complex problems – those which are ever-changing, interconnected, and cannot be solved by a single actor.

Right now, there is a great conversation about the importance of equity issues within the context of multi-stakeholder... Read more