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Shared Value Consulting

FSG offers a range of shared value services to companies, from targeted efforts to address specific questions about how a company can create shared value to in-depth multi-year engagements that accompany clients from early-stage vision through implementation to realize business opportunities. FSG also provides measurement services to enable tracking and learning.

Shared Value Client Projects 


Industry sectors with which we have extensive experience and representative clients include: 

  • Energy and Extractives

  • Financial Services

  • Food & Agriculture

  • Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

  • Retail & Consumer Goods

  • Technology

FSG is our ‘go to’ organization for advancing the state of the art in shared value.

Gary Cohen, Executive Vice President and President, Global Health and Development,
Becton, Dickinson and Company

How We Work

  • Build a coherent vision of where and how your company can create shared value, and how to structure a process to get there—through analysis, visioning, and coaching.
  • Identify key opportunities for your business and effective ways to seize them—through collaborative strategy development.
  • Determine how to proceed from strategy to action—through landscaping, benchmarking, and initiative design, and by tapping FSG’s extensive stakeholder networks.
  • Support implementation through internal alignment, partnership brokering, and coalition building.
  • Design measurement and learning systems to track both social and business outcomes and to enable incremental value creation.